Monday, January 18, 2010

New TED Talks

I am sending out a new feature if you are a fan of Global TED Talks that I believe is pertinent to our group:

Dear Global TED Community,

Over the past couple weeks, we've been introducing a significant new feature on

It's called "Best of the Web". Essentially we have begun linking to the best talks out there that were NOT recorded at a TED event.

Today, for example, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, we are posting his world-changing "I have a dream" speech given back in 1963. No matter how many times you may have seen it, it always inspires and provokes. And we're proud to have a page dedicated to it, to facilitate a conversation around the searing issues he raises, all still so relevant today.

You can see a few other early selections here (in the 'Show by Event' selector on the left, scroll down to the bottom to "Best of the Beb"), including:

Michael Sandel: What is the Right Thing to Do?
Robert Sapolsky: The Uniqueness of Humans
Edwidge Danticat: Stories of Haiti (Which Margit Boyeson was kind enough to recommend to SDAWP too!)
...and the famous "last lecture" of Randy Pausch

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