Monday, January 18, 2010

Rethinking Schools Edition

Thank you to Makeba Jones who sent us a reminder that the new issue of Rethinking Schools is out and it is aptly titled "Reading For Justice"

Here is a taste of some of their cover stories:

Cover stories:
"Save the Muslim Girl!"
by Özlem Sensoy and Elizabeth Marshall
In the years since 9/11, books like The Breadwinner and Broken Moon have become staples in many English classes. But does this young adult literature about Muslim girls build understanding or reinforce stereotypes?

Baghdad Burning Heats Up World History
by Jody Sokolower
It's always a struggle to work current events into history classes. A blog by a young Iraqi woman about her day-to-day life in Baghdad provides an opportunity to connect the medieval Abbasid Empire to today's news.

Breaking the Silence on War
by the editors of Rethinking Schools.
In our editorial, we probe the silence in classrooms, as in the streets, on the escalating U.S. war in Afghanistan, now in its ninth year, and the continuing war in Iraq. As teachers struggle with increasing pressures and scripted curriculum, there is little critical discussion of these events—they have become part of the wallpaper of life. Why has this happened? How can we break the silence?

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