Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chapter 1: Writing Poetry

The Role of Poetry: Community Builder, Grammar Text, and Literary Tutor

According to Linda Christensen, author of Teaching for Joy and Justice, poetry levels the writing playing field.

Here is the link to a video clip of Kelly Norman Ellis performing her poem "Raised by Women".

Mentor Text Samples for Raised by Women (Pages 17-22)

Christine's 3rd Grade Samples

PJ's 5th Grade Samples

Jean's 9th Grade Samples

Mentor Text Samples for I Love Poems (Pages 38-42 in book)

Aja's 2nd Grade Samples

Shivani's 3rd Grade Samples

Gabie's 3rd Grade Samples

Tyna's 3rd Grade Samples

Janis's 5th Grade Samples

Janet's 8th Grade Samples

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