Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Place to Find & Host All Our Student Samples

ATTENTION! We now have an easy, manageable way to host all our articles, student samples etc. that each of us can access from the internet on our own time!

I've created a account for us at

Here is a quick How To video in case you think you'll need it....but I promise if you head over to via the hyperlink it should be fairly self-explanatory how to:

1. Add A File

2. Upload it to our site

3. Download other member's materials.

Let's agree on a standard formatting for how we save our files so that we can easily access them if we need to:

For Student Samples: Name of Mentor Text_Grade Level_Member Name (example: Raised by Women_4th Grade_Christine)

For Articles: Topic_Name of Article_Author (example: AAVE_Summary of Linguistic Characteristics_Labov)

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